Maria Nadotti

Nadotti is a journalist, essayist, editorial consultant and translator, who writes about theater, cinema, art, culture and society for Italian and foreign newspapers, including Il Sole 24 Ore, Corriere della Sera, Artforum, Lo Straniero, Ms. Magazine, Conjonctures, Salmagundi, and Gli Asini. She also collaborates with the weekly magazine Internazionale and with the editorial project Doppiozero. She is the author of Sesso & Genere (il Saggiatore, 1996; Mimesis, 2022); Scrivere al buio (La Tartaruga, 1998, then republished in Elogio del margine - Scrivere al buio (Tamu Edizioni, 2020); Prove d’ascolto (Edizioni dell’asino, 2011); Trasporti e traslochi. Raccontare John Berger (Doppiozero, 2014); Necrologhi. Pamphlet sull’arte di consumare (il Saggiatore, 2015). Moreover, Maria Nadotti has translated and edited texts by Suad Amiry, Robin Morgan, Hayden Herrera, Pam Houston, Gretel Ehrlich, Assia Djebar, Giuliana Bruno, Judith Butler, bell hooks, Susan Sontag, Edward Said and others. Her frequent visits to Palestine have furthermore led her to create two short documentary films: Elogio della costanza (2006) and Sotto tregua Gaza (2009). In addition, she adapted Ishmael’s Filles d’Ismaël dans le vent et la tempête by Algerian writer Assia Djebar, filmed in 2009 at the Miller Theatre in New York City; she guided the theatrical adaptation of To Be In A Time Of War, by Lebanese writer and painter Etel Adnan; and she curated the podcast Per John B. Ritratti d’artista ad alta voce, based on the volume by John Berger, which she translated as Ritratti (Il Saggiatore, 2018), which is available here.